Public Review Documents

Consol Glass MES Postponement Applications

Notice of Public Meetings

All Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) are invited to attend a public meeting where the respective applications will be presented for comment and discussion. Details relating to the public meetings for each postponement application are:

Clayville Plant Public Meeting Wadeville Plant Public Meeting Nigel Plant Public Meeting
Date and Time: 19 March 2019 @ 17:30 (Registration from 17:00) 18 March 2019 @ 17:30 (Registration from 17:00) 19 March 2019 @ 11:00 (Registration from 10:30)
Venue: Olifantsfontein Community Centre Dinwiddie Sports Club Goldfields Lodge and Conference Centre
Address: Pearce St, Olifantsfontein, Johannesburg 27 Cheam Crescent, Dinwiddie, Germiston 50 Springs Road, Nigel
Coordinates: 28°13’42.67″ E, 25°57’24.43″ S 28°09’28.25″ E, 26°16’15.50″ S 28°27’54.90″ E, 26°25’00.39″ S

Stakeholders who wish to attend one of the respective public meetings must register their attendance with the PPP desk:

  • In writing by sending email to
  • SMS consol clayvillepm, consol wadevillepm or consol nigelpm, followed by your name and contact details to 45776 (bundled and free SMSes not applicable)
  • Call the PPP desk on 011 207 2060
  • Fax your intention to attend, including name and contact details to 086 674 6121

Clayville Plant

Wadeville Plant

Nigel Plant

EIA for Kendal 30 Year ADF

Amended Wetland Offset Strategy & Additional Info

Notification Letters

Notification Letter 1: Reports available for public review

Tech Memo and Amended Wetland Offset Strategy Report

Tech Memo – Response to DEA letter dated 6 April 2017

Final Environmental Impact Assessment (FEIR)

Final Environmental Impact Assessment Report

  • Appendix A: EAP CV
  • Appendix B: EIA Application Form
  • Appendix C: Public Participation
    • C-1: Newspaper Adverts
    • C-2: Site Notices
    • C-3: BID
    • C-4: Notifications
    • C-5: Correspondence – Part 1
    • C-5: Correspondence – Part 2
    • C-6: Minutes of meetings
    • C-7: Proof of DEIR submission
    • C-8: IAP Database
    • C-9: Authority Consultation
    • C-10: Comments and Responses Report
  • Appendix D: Site Identification Report
  • Appendix E: Conceptual Engineering Design
    • E-1: Geotechnical Report
    • E-2: Waste Classification Report
    • E-3: Conceptual Design Drawings
    • E-4: Flow and Connectivity Diagram
    • E-5: Screening Report
    • E-6: Tech Memo Selection of Barrier System
    • E-7: Project CQAP
    • E-8: High Level Cost Estimate
    • E-9: Construction & Operation Drawing
    • E-10: Tech Memo Design Considerations to avoid Wetlands
    • E-11: Tech Memo Transnet Pipeline
  • Appendix F: Specialist Reports
    • F-1: Air Quality
    • F-2: Aquatics
    • F-3: Ecology
    • F-4: Groundwater
    • F-5: Heritage
    • F-6: Noise
    • F-7: Soils
    • F-8: Social
    • F-9: Surface Water
    • F-10: Sustainability Assessment
    • F-11: Traffic
    • F-12: Visual
    • F-13: Wetlands
    • F-14: Wetland Offset
  • Appendix G: EMPR
EIA for Koffiefontein Slime Dam

Announcement Phase

Impact Phase – DEIR available for review: From 02 March to 15 April 2016

Appendix A – CVs

Appendix B – EA Application Form

Appendix C – EA App Acceptance

Appendix D – Scoping Report Acceptance

Appendix E – Declarations

Appendix F – Air Quality Report

Appendix G – Groundwater Report

Appendix H – Heritage Report

Appendix I – Ecology & Wetland Report

Appendix J – Waste Classification Report

Appendix L – Public Participation

Appendix M – EMPr


Impact Phase – FEIR available for review: From 11 August 2016 to 12 September 2016

Appendix A – CVs

Appendix B – EA Application Form

Appendix C – EA App Acceptance

Appendix D – Scoping Report Acceptance

Appendix E – Declarations

Appendix F – Air Quality

Appendix H – Heritage

Appendix G – Groundwater

Appendix H – Heritage

Appendix I – Ecology & Wetland

Appendix J – Waste Classification

Appendix K – Conceptual Design Report

Appendix Ka

Appendix Kb

Appendix Kc

Appendix Kd

Spreadsheet 1
Spreadsheet 2
Spreadsheet 3
Spreadsheet 4
Spreadsheet 5
Spreadsheet 6
Spreadsheet 7
Appendix Ke
Appendix Kf

Appendix L – Public Participation

Appendix M – EMP

Scoping Phase

Draft Scoping Report

Final Scoping Report

EIA for Medupi FGD

Authorisations and Licenses

WML Variation Application Decision

Environmental Authorisation: Issued on 11 October 2018

Environmental Authorisation: Issued on 6 September 2018



Final WML Variation Application

FEIR – May 2018

WML Variation Application – March 2018